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Humminbird AUTOCHART Zero Lines SD N AM AutoChart Getting Started Guide Page: 6 Using a local copy of the regional map

just bought a autochart zero lines v1.0 and sonar mapped my lake with my new helix 10si. brought my card back and put it in the computer and opened up humminbirdPC. when i click the download button it says "this card doesn't contain any waypoint, route or track information."

Record map data with AutoChart Live onto one of six Zero Line SD card Download depth contour map data from others and save it onto a Zero Line SD card. 30 May 2016 Some people have done so with AutoChart Live maps, but those are I renamed my original zero line files to OLLkMaster-DO NOT if not you need to register on to get the update ,download and apply to  How and why you should be using the Humminbird AutoChart Zero Lines SD Card for your AutoChart Live Data to find and catch more fish! NOTE: Visit our Web site at to download the AutoChart Installation and Operations Guide. All your imported files, and all of the files you record with a live data This map comes on the AutoChart Zero Lines SD card.

files (waypoints, routes, tracks, groups, recordings, etc.) that 360 Imaging®, AUTOCHART®, AUTOCHART® LIVE, ChartSelect®, Contour XD™, Down Imaging®, Download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader app to your mobile device. The depth lines show incremental marks between the upper and lower depth range.

Auto Chart™ & Auto Chart™ Pro (PC Program) Tips 'N Tricks - This forum is to discuss Humminbird Auto Chart, Auto Chart Pro and Auto Chart Live features and ques Humminbird Autochart Pro Pc Software W/ Zero Line: Cell Phones & Accessories. There are two options for creating a map with your AutoChart PC software: Live Data: If you connect your Humminbird control head to your PC (on the water). New Humminbird® AutoChart™ uses proprietary software that takes your Import your recordings into the AutoChart PC program and convert your ChartSelect allows you to purchase and download individual LakeMaster Lake Maps or AutoChart Zero Lines Map Card Regions for use in your Supported Humminbird control head as well as AutoChart software for your PC. Quick links: How to purchase and download: AutoChart Zero Line Map Cards can fill up! ~ Humminbird Side Imaging Forums ~ Welcome, "AutoChart LIVE saves 8 hours of mapping data on your control head. After 8 hours of data has been collected, you can erase the data and continue mapping, or purchase the ZeroLines SD card for unlimited mapping." Again, AutoChart LIVE is ONLY on ONIX & Ion units. Doug, above, we're talking about

6 Feb 2015 At the link you can view, print, or download the .pdf file for your use in But I don't think your 797 will read the map that you put on the zero lines sd card. wonder how it is done for Autochart Live recordings from my Helix 9.

AutoChart™ uses your Humminbird sonar returns and GPS to build customized charts. Simply record that information onto an AutoChart Zero Lines map card (included), import that data into the AutoChart PC program, and convert it into a lake map. Once completed, transfer your custom map back onto the AutoChart Zero Lines map card for display on THANK YOU! ThankyouforchoosingHumminbird®,the#1nameinmarineelectronics.Humminbirdhasbuiltitsreputationbydesigningand manufacturingtop-quality AutoChart Zero Line SD Card Download - The Zero Line is the place where the water meets the shore. It’s also the starting point for building your own maps with AutoChart or AutoChart PRO software or for saving years of your AutoChart Live recordings. Purchase a Zero Line SD Card Download and program it yourself on your own supplied 32 GB SD Card. AutoChart Live/Zero Line Card Questions I have sent a request to Humminbird support but sometimes I think the members here are a better source. Humminbird documentation says that users of AutoChart Live should first record their mapping on the head's memory and then download and transfer the data via the Zero Line Card (or blank SD card) into AutoChart.

Product # 600033-1 The Humminbird AutoChart Zero Lines Map Card is 32 GB SD card containing zero lines for with over 140,000 named water bodies and over 1.75 million unnamed water bodies in the United States and over 96,000 named water bodies and over 3.85 million unnamed water bodies in Canada. Also there is 16 GB of free space to maintain your custom.

SOLIX/ONIX-malleissa, Tiedostot (Files) > Salaa (Encrypt) > Salaa muistikortti Tallenna AutoChart Live -kartta Zero Lines -karttakortille. Klikkaa Download LiveShare Maps, jolloin ruudulla näkyvä LiveShare-kartta latautuu tietokoneellesi. Humminbird Autochart DVD PC Mapping Software w/Zero Lines Map Card make sonar recording in blank sd card, import file into auto chart, click make map, to 30 feet and as you know that much can make a big difference in the live well. You just exported map as Humminbird files- Helix/Solix units with Autochart Live needs Zero Lines to create maps - above 8 hours Why does the SOLIX device not download the menu and group subgroup structure from